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Temporary Power Units For Jobsite & Outage Power Requirements


Temporary Power Units (TPU) and Portable Distribution Units (PDU) for Nuclear / Fossil Power Plants, Shipyards, Refineries, and Industrial Plants

Porta-Safe® temporary power centers are portable electrical distribution centers that step-down plant site power from 600/480 VAC to usable 240/208/120 VAC providing power for welding, power tools and lighting with GFI protected 120/240V receptacles for all of your outage and turnaround power needs.

Porta-Safe® will take your specifications and develop a robust and rugged custom designed power distribution unit (PDU) to fit your specific needs and requirements for temporary and portable jobsite power. Porta-Safe® distribution load centers can be skid mounted, stationary or provided in two and four wheeled cart designs, depending on jobsite temporary power demands or your specific requirement. Some typical applications are listed below in GFI-protected systems to ensure personnel safety.

  • Heavy Duty Robust Designs
  • Framed Portable 2 and 4 Wheel Carts
  • Trough and Stationary Distribution Units
  • NEC Code / CSA / UL Designs
  • Nuclear Refuel and Uprate designs
  • HRSG outage support designs
  • Ship to Shore Power for Shipyards
  • Temp Power for outage and turnaround sites
  • 120/208/240V power for jobsite lighting and generator distribution
  • GFI protected 120/240V temporary power for electric motor driven tools
  • Portable 600/480V power up to 2400 amps (higher if needed)
  • 600/480VAC 3Ø to 120/208/240VAC GFI-protected temporary power supplies
Applicable Standards

Porta-Safe® units shall be designed to meet or exceed all NEC, NEMA, and OSHA regulations and codes. In some cases UL listing will apply if needed.